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US-2007094443-A1: Digital storage memory module apparatus and method patent, US-2008290150-A1: Corrugated cardboard assembly and method for making the same patent, US-2009101337-A1: Method and apparatus for detecting defects in oilfield tubulars patent, US-2009183139-A1: Enumeration classes patent, US-2010057722-A1: Image processing apparatus, method, and computer program product patent, US-2010116552-A1: Methods and apparatus for download transfer of drill cuttings patent, US-2004042464-A1: System and method for TCP/IP offload independent of bandwidth delay product patent, US-2005180187-A1: Semiconductor device, IC card, IC tag, RFID, transponder, bills, securities, passport, electronic apparatus, bag, and clothes patent, US-2006002228-A1: Mixer suspension patent, US-2006287609-A1: Methods and systems for automatically identifying whether a neural recording signal includes a neural response signal patent, US-2007284844-A1: Wheel chair patent, US-2008014430-A1: Composite dielectric sheet, method for producing composite dielectric sheet, and multilayer electronic component patent, US-2010080423-A1: Image processing apparatus, method and program patent, US-2004004502-A1: Semiconductor module patent, US-2004050752-A1: Use of cardanol aldehyde resins as asphalt dispersants in crude oil patent, US-2004088340-A1: Techniques for supporting application-specific access controls with a separate server patent, US-2005033573-A1: Voice registration method and system, and voice recognition method and system based on voice registration method and system patent, US-2007037776-A1: Polysaccharides for delivery of active agents patent, US-2007092892-A1: Methods and compositions for identifying biomarkers useful in diagnosis and/or treatment of biological states patent, US-2007183655-A1: Reducing human overhead in text categorization patent, US-6437577-B1: Circuit to test the working of at least one antenna patent, US-2008016029-A1: Optimizing a query to a database patent, US-2009129361-A1: Method and apparatus for searching for or tuning to one or more radio stations with minimum interaction with host processor patent, US-2009242424-A1: Method and apparatus for treating water or wastewater or the like patent, US-2003233017-A1: Selective hydrogenation of acetylenes and dienes in a hydrocarbon stream patent, US-2005041128-A1: Per column one-bit ADC for image sensors patent, US-2005054903-A1: Dual blade laryngoscope with esophageal obturator patent, US-2009135244-A1: Method for capturing convergent-type multi-view image patent, US-2009163233-A1: Telecommunications system patent, US-2009244923-A1: Light delivery device with improved conversion element patent, US-2010052263-A1: Electroplated resilient seal patent, US-2005161680-A1: Light-emitting device patent, US-2005177196-A1: Methods and apparatus for identifying patients at risk for life threatening arrhythmias patent, US-2006005016-A1: Operating system installation patent, US-2006135626-A1: Mechanical inversion process for marking silicone oil-in-water emulsions patent, US-2007259886-A1: Dihydroxyphenyl isoindolylmethanones patent, US-2008049428-A1: Incandescent lamp incorporating infrared-reflective coating system, and lighting fixture incorporating such a lamp patent, US-2008141015-A1: System and method for operating system deployment in a peer-to-peer computing environment patent, US-2008258051-A1: Equipment and Process for Measuring the Precision of Sun Tracking for Photovoltaic Concentrators patent, US-2009020620-A1: Electrical or hybrid motor vehicle with thermal conditioning system upgrading low-level sources patent, US-2004078327-A1: Wireless communication device account payment notification systems and methods patent, US-2004155021-A1: Flexible heater for heating electrical components in operator control handle patent, US-2006234999-A1: Cephalotaxane derivatives and their processes of preparation and purification patent, US-2007196030-A1: Degrading 3D information patent, US-2008225278-A1: Focal position determining method, focal position determining apparatus, feeble light detecting apparatus and feeble light detecting method patent, US-2008269711-A1: Disposable diaper patent, US-2009057537-A1: Pixel with spatially varying sensor positions patent, US-2010086653-A1: Method And Apparatus For Brewing Coffee Via Universal Coffee Brewing Chart Generation patent, US-2004027346-A1: Method and device for the generation of 3-D images patent, US-2005079629-A1: Lateral flow assay devices and methods of use patent, US-2006196791-A1: Pool cue case systems patent, US-2007243947-A1: Golf Club Shaft Insert Assembly patent, US-2007256806-A1: Advanced Dewatering System patent, US-2007294312-A1: Declarative management framework patent, US-2006282303-A1: Distributed organizational analyzer patent, US-2008085059-A1: Image processing method and device for performing mosquito noise reduction patent, US-2010013649-A1: Load control device having audible feedback patent, US-2004254871-A1: Common index securities patent, US-2005289038-A1: Method and system for voting for a future price of an asset patent, US-2006005599-A1: Common-rail injection system for diesel engine patent, US-2006036104-A1: Method of preparing a shaped catalyst, the catalyst, and use of the catalyst patent, US-2006279140-A1: Linear motor with integrated guidance patent, US-2009283415-A1: Electroplating methods and chemistries for deposition of copper-indium-gallium containing thin films patent, US-2005113788-A1: Tampon with raised portions patent, US-2005160774-A1: Multimedia security case system with slide lock and key patent, US-2008285601-A1: External cavity semiconductor laser and method for fabrication thereof patent, US-2009258682-A1: Methods, Devices, and Computer Program Products for Providing Ambient Noise Sensitive Alerting patent, US-2007252362-A1: Hybrid skateboard deck patent, US-2004213523-A1: Multi-piece fiber optic component and manufacturing technique patent, US-2006253540-A1: Method and system for transferring information patent, US-2005088449-A1: Child window redirection patent, US-2005148260-A1: Highly textured non-woven composite wipe patent, US-2009173444-A1: Surface processing apparatus patent, US-2005161331-A1: Fractionation of macro-molecules using asymmetric pulsed field electrophoresis patent, US-2009146899-A1: Antenna assemblies with tapered loop antenna elements and reflectors patent, US-2005025388-A1: Generating and displaying spatially offset sub-frames patent, US-2006083911-A1: Method for forming fire combustion modified batt patent, US-2007011188-A1: System and method for selecting a data mining modeling algorithm for data mining applications patent, US-2008227817-A1: New Salt I patent, US-2006246493-A1: Method and apparatus for use in temperature controlled processing of microfluidic samples patent, US-2009277976-A1: Airless spray gun having a removable valve cartridge patent, US-2010094972-A1: Hybrid distributed streaming system comprising high-bandwidth servers and peer-to-peer devices patent, US-2007074694-A1: Mechanical compression and vacuum release mechanism patent, US-2009111381-A1: Method and apparatus for utilizing a directional beam antenna in a wireless transmit/receive unit patent, US-2006253469-A1: Dynamic selection of outbound marketing events patent, US-2007281019-A1: Phenylephrine pulsed release formulations and pharmaceutical compositions patent, US-2009252059-A1: Determination of a list of preferred mobile access networks patent, US-2005091253-A1: Attaching and displaying annotations to changing data views patent, US-2006029449-A1: Wire dot printer head and wire dot printer patent, US-2008123561-A1: Minimizing Spanning-Tree Protocol Event Processing and Flooding in Distribution Networks patent, US-2008206443-A1: Enhanced bonding layers on titanium materials patent, US-2008208555-A1: Simulation method and simulation apparatus patent, US-2006108421-A1: RFID tag having multiple transceivers patent, US-2010158112-A1: Method and apparatus for decoding/encoding a video siganl patent, US-2007138215-A1: Dispensing container with nipple dispensing head patent, US-2008310007-A1: Laminated electrochromic devices and processes for forming the same patent, US-2004214344-A1: Method and apparatus for generating high purity eluant patent, US-2006102333-A1: Vehicle air conditioning and heating method providing engine on and engine off operation patent, US-2007183095-A1: Slider air bearing for mobile drives patent, US-2009181049-A1: Capsular polysaccharide solubilisation and combination vaccines patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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